Wednesday, November 17, 2010

November 2010

The twins are doing great, and Will continues to be a great big brother to them. This past month has not been easy however - this time it’s been Will:

On Thursday, October 21st, Will, Christine, and some other friends went to Valley Scare.  While getting in line for their last ride, Will got “clothes-lined” by a chain and flipped backwards and smacked his head very hard.  By 1:00am on the 22nd the CT scan at Fairview Ridges cleared him of a concussion.

Then on the following Monday, the 25th, Will fell climbing on the neighbor’s rock pile during his walk home from the bus stop.  The incident sliced his lip wide open and broke off a third of his permanent big front tooth off.  Back to the emergency room for 6 stitches in his lip…  We had to wait a few weeks for the swelling to go down, then this past Monday he had a cap put on his tooth.   Now he’s looking as good as new!

I made it up north on T-Th, 11/2-4 for bow hunting before the fire arms hunting season opened on Saturday.   I saw several smaller deer, but nothing I wanted to shoot.  Oh well, perhaps I will make it out one more time this year?  I posted some trail camera pictures on my Facebook Page.

Upon my return Will wanted to keep us all busy just a bit more.  He got the flu and was laid up in bed all weekend.  He recovered well for school on Monday, but it sure was a busy 3 week stretch.  Will was very brave and strong through all his mishaps, which made it much easier for Christine and me. 

In the meantime…  John and Katie just keep eating, sleeping, and those few other things babies are good at.  John is really putting on the pounds.   Katie is petite, strong, and feisty – but in a positive way, John is usually just “chillin’ out”.  I loved one of John’s outfits he was wearing the other morning: it was my turn to take over with the babies (i.e. 4:30am), half a sleep I went to feed and change him; as I pulled the blanket off him I noticed his shirt said “Born this Cool!” – I had a good laugh – it was very fitting for John.

John and Katie are now 3 months old.  It’s now the time when you start measuring their age in months, not weeks!  They are sleeping at night anywhere from 2 to 3.5 hours.  If they could just get to 4-4.5 it would make a really huge difference.  But they are progressing. 

News Briefs:
·         The Vikings are disappointing…
·         Will started Basketball – this is his first year, he’s off to a good start.
·         Christine is returning to work on Friday, 11/19 – three 12’s, Fri-Sat-Sun.  I am more than ready to get her out of the house.  I know working will be very satisfying for Christine, not to mention the money!   I am ready for to take on all three kids alone,… I think…

-Peter and Family, thinking of Mary.

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